SearchWin 1.1.8

More power for Windows file search utility

SearchWin is a fast Windows find file utility that adds a search engine capability to the Windows file system. Now, if Windows already has its own file search utility, what's the point? The answer is that SearchWin provides greater power and flexibility than the Windows native find file utility without the overhead of a database or index server.

This search program allows multiple search terms that can be related with the standard Boolean operators of AND, OR and NOT. SearchWin finds files without using ancient DOS filename or wildcard parameters. Search terms are entered in the same way as with many internet search engines.

If you use long descriptive file names, SearchWin can provide unequaled benefit and flexibility in helping you manage your files. It also provides ability to customize file search & find a file by date or by size.



SearchWin 1.1.8

User reviews about SearchWin

  • OldGuy34

    by OldGuy34

    "Really great while it lasted"

    SearchWin was very fast, easy to use and very thorough. I used it almost every day for several weeks to find some obs...   More.